Designed for EXTRA coverage and durability.
Great for EXTREME mountaineering!
Can be cut to size just like the original.


*All Black and Tan Extremes now made with faux leather skin.

*Shipping and handling added at check out.

four (4) nose protectors
X4W - $21.79
(4 white)
four (4) nose protectors
X4B - $21.79
(4 black)
four (4) nose protectors
X4WB - $21.79
(2 white, 2 black)
two (2) nose protectors
XA - $14.39
two white

two (2) nose protectors
XB- $14.39
two black

two (2) nose protectors
XC - $14.39
one white, one black

one (1) nose protector
TX1- $9.29
one tan

  Hook & Loop Extender
10cm - $.99
(Available in black or white)
Mixed Packages
(Extremes and Regulars)
two (2) nose protectors
Pack XD - $14.29
One White Extreme
One White Regular
two (2) nose protectors
Pack XE - $14.29
One Black Extreme
One Black Regular
two (4) nose protectors
Pack XF - $21.59
One White, One Black Extreme
One White, One Black Regular
One of each NozKon
Package RTX - $35.89
One Black Extreme, One White Extreme, One Tan Extreme
One Black Regular, One White Regular, One Tan Regular
Plus One White Extender and One Black Extender