The Tan regular NozKon
is just like a white or a black regular NozKon
, but it’s Tan in color.

The Tan Extreme Faux Leather NozKon
is almost like a white or a black Extreme NozKon
, but it’s Tan in color and it’s made with a simulated leather outer skin over a foam core.

The Faux Tan Extreme is our most durable NozKon
yet and it can be trimmed to a smaller size just like every other NozKon
we make.
2 extreme
Package TX2 $15.99
Regularly $17.99
2 (two) Tan
Extreme Faux Leather
2 regular tan nose sun shield
Package TR2 $12.99
Regularly $14.99
2 (two) Tan
Regular Foam
1 Regular, I Extreme tan nozkon
Package TX+TR $14.99
Regularly $16.99
1 (one) Tan Regular Foam +
1 (one) Tan Extreme Faux Leather
1 extreme tan nose protector
Package TX1

1 (one) Tan
Extreme Faux Leather
1 of each regular color
Package TR+WR+BR

3 (three) [one of each color]
Regular Foam NozKons
NozKon extreme one of each color
Package TX+WX+BX

3 (three) [one of each color]
Extreme NozKons
4 regular tan nose covers
Package TR4

4 (four) Tan
Regular Foam NozKons
4 tan Extreme nose covers
Package TX4

4 (four) Tan
Extreme Faux Leather
six (6) 3 regular, 3 extreme nose protectors
Package TX3+TR3

3 [each color] Regular +
3 [each color] Extreme
  Hook & Loop Extender
10cm - $.99
(Available in black or white)
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