"An Ounce of Prevention . . ."

The most stylish and versatile nose sun protection device to date, the NozKon (pronounced "nose cone"). Simply attach the adjustable hook & loop strap onto your glasses or goggles and go!

The NozKon is lightweight and comfortable. Independent testing gave the NozKon a 50+ SPF UV protection rating...this is a top rating!

NozKon is great for skiing, sailing, hiking, biking, yard work, or any outdoor activity where the sun or cold are intense and your nose needs protection. The “Regular” NozKon was designed for all outdoor activities, but if your outdoor activities tend to be a little more extreme, requiring extra coverage and durability...the "Extreme" NozKon will have you covered!

The NozKon.com can be:

  • trimmed for a custom fit on your nose
  • soaked in water to provide additional cooling in the heat
  • used as a floatation device for most sunglasses
What is a NozKon made of?

The NozKon is made of a thin, soft, comfortable, ergonomically shaped foam outer shell with a thin, soft, textile inner pad.

The NozKon is a unique, patented, marine-grade nose cover / protector that can protect against UVA / UVB radiation as well as wind burn and cold.

The NozKon attaches easily to glasses and goggles. Its hook & loop strap allows great adjustment for a perfect fit.

The NozKon can be trimmed with scissors to make it fit smaller noses. One size fits all!

Enjoy the NozKon in any kind of weather. It is comfortable in both hot or cold environments.

The NozKon is highly buoyant; it can float most plastic sunglasses!

How to: Fit the NozKon

When you first use the NozKon, try it on your favorite pair of sunglasses while looking in a mirror.
Now, with your glasses and NozKon on, undo the hook & loop strap and move the NozKon up or down your nose to get a perfect fit. Once you have it just right, press the hook & loop strap together to lock the NozKon in place. It's that simple!

If the above still does not achieve a good fit, try it with a different pair of glasses.

If, after trying all the above, your NozKon seems too big, consider trimming the NozKon edge with scissors.

If your trim cut seems ragged, use a fingernail file to smooth down the edge.

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"
                                                                       -B. Franklin